Accuweather Mold Count (2024)

1. Asthma and Allergy Forecast

  • Environmental allergens such as pollen and mold are common triggers. You may not realize that changes in the weather can also affect your asthma and allergies.

  • Changes in the weather can trigger asthma and allergies. Learn how to monitor weather and seasonal pollen so you can better manage your symptoms.

2. Pollen count and allergy info for Immokalee, FL |

  • Allergy Tracker gives pollen forecast, mold count, information and forecasts using weather conditions historical data and research from

  • Allergy Tracker gives pollen forecast, mold count, information and forecasts using weather conditions historical data and research from

3. Pollen Count |

4. Allergy Report: Austin and Central Texas

  • What time of year do allergens appear? · Mold is present to varying degrees all year, with higher counts in summer and fall · Cedar pollen causes allergic ...

  • Notice something different? We upgraded our pollen meter on June 18 to be more accurate. Some allergens may now show lower numbers. Within 30 days, the previous daily data you see will be much more…

5. Pollen count and allergy info for Orlando - IQAir

  • May 26, 2024 · Orlando pollen count and allergy risks are now 1. Get real-time and forecast pollen count and allergy risks data. Read today's pollen levels ...

  • Orlando pollen count and allergy risks are now 1. Get real-time and forecast pollen count and allergy risks data. Read today’s pollen levels in Orlando, Florida with IQAir.

6. Pollen Forecast - Orlando - Spectrum News 13

  • POLLEN FORECAST. Check ragweed, grass and elm pollen counts for Orlando and the surrounding area. Pollen Forecast. Pollen Forecast. WEATHER STORIES. WEATHER.

  • The latest Orlando area pollen forecast. Today's pollen forecast for Orlando, Sanford, Cocoa, Daytona Beach, Kissimmee and Walt Disney World.

7. Pollen Report - The Weather Network

  • About the Allergy Outlook ... The pollen forecast levels are determined from sample collections taken at 32 local reporting stations across Canada. The pollen ...

  • Get the Pollen Outlook Report

8. Orlando, FL Air Quality & Pollen | Weather Underground

  • Pollen and Air Quality forecast for Orlando, FL with air quality index, pollutants, pollen count and pollution map from Weather Underground.

9. Are Allergy Forecasts Completely Bogus? - Prevention

  • Feb 27, 2015 · Allergy sufferers beware: Predicting pollen counts can be less accurate than predicting the weather. Find out the best sources to trust this ...

  • When I was packing for a trip to Florida a couple of weeks ago, I debated whether I should toss in allergy meds along with my sunscreen. Tree pollen is my nose's nemesis, and I didn't want to be sneezy at the Disney parks (after all, they already have a dwarf for that). So I hit the web, and lo and behold, I found three very different pollen allergy forecasts for the same exact dates.

10. Orlando Pollen Count Forecast

  • Pollen Counts in Orlando, FL · Tell us what you think! AccuWeather Logo. Icons made by Freepik from

  • Web app displaying pollen and mold count forecast data, anywhere in North America and Europe.

Accuweather Mold Count (2024)


When is pollen count highest? ›

When Is The Pollen Count High? Pollen counts usually rise in the morning, and reach their peak by midday or early afternoon.

Is 2024 a bad year for allergies? ›

"Grass is during summer and weed pollen is the last we see in the late summer and fall." AccuWeather experts warn that it could be a bad year all around for allergies in the eastern United States, starting in midspring and not letting up until after the dog days of summer.

Why is hay fever so bad this year? ›

To make matters worse, unseasonably mild winters, warm springs and dry summers in recent years have led to plants growing more vigorously and a longer, stronger growing season. So, hay fever sufferers can experience symptoms from early spring until late autumn.

When is tree pollen the worst? ›

Tree pollen season also often overlaps with grass pollen in the late spring and summer. Throughout the U.S., trees produce the most pollen from March through May. But in some regions, such as the South, trees may produce pollen as early as January and peak at multiple times during the year.

When is the pollen count usually the highest? ›

The pollen count tends to rise during the morning and often peaks around early afternoon. The lowest count is towards the late afternoon and into the early evening.

What states are the worst for pollen? ›

Worst Cities and States for Allergies

States that have a lot of trees, grass, and weeds will have a lot of allergens. Areas in the Northeast U.S. like Pennsylvania, New York, and Connecticut. Virginia, Kansas, and Texas have a high rate of allergens.

Does vitamin D help with seasonal allergies? ›

Furthermore, research shows that vitamin D can activate certain regulatory immune system cells that prevent the release of chemicals that cause and worsen allergic diseases. 1 So a deficiency in vitamin D may inhibit this regulatory mechanism, which may worsen or trigger allergic disease.

Does vitamin D help with hay fever? ›

Take vitamin D

“This may influence how the immune response 'overreacts' to an allergen and may explain the exacerbated symptoms we are seeing,” says Wilkhu. “It's important to check your vitamin D levels if you're suffering badly with hay fever.

Does rain make pollen worse? ›

Pollen: Rain prevents pollen from traveling and can be a relief for some people with this common allergy. However, it can also increase pollen exposure when pollen is broken into smaller particles. Pollen counts also sometimes increase significantly right after rainstorms.

What antihistamine is best for tree pollen? ›

Second-generation antihistamines: The preferred first-step agent is certirizine (Zyrtec); others include loratadine (Claritin), fexofenadine (Allegra). All are taken once per day and are generally cause little to no drowsiness. We recommend cetirizine for initial treatment.

Do trees release more pollen at night? ›

Diagnosing a Tree Pollen Allergy

Pollen counts are highest in the morning, peak about midday, and then gradually fall. The lowest pollen counts are usually in the late afternoon to early evening.

When will pollen season be over in North Carolina? ›

For ragweed pollen, for example, the ACAAI says ragweed starts growing in August and may not stop until November. For grass pollen, you're more likely to be symptomatic later in the season, from May to July, which is technically summertime. Tree pollen tends to be at its worst from March until the middle of May.

Is pollen lower when it rains? ›

People may experience fewer symptoms of hay fever on rainy days because rain prevents pollen from traveling. However, it may increase exposure to it. Although rain washes away pollen, according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, pollen counts can rapidly increase after rainfall.

What are the worst months for allergies in Florida? ›

When Is Peak Allergy Season? In Florida, you'll want to keep an eye on pollen counts in April, May, and September. These months are when seasonal allergies are typically at their peak. During these months, try limiting your time outdoors or going out in the evening when pollen counts tend to be lower in Florida.

What time of day do plants release most pollen? ›

Many plants produce most of their pollen during the night and early morning hours, and are then spread in the air during the day. Wind conditions have a great influence on the release of pollen and can carry the pollen high into the air by noon, only to drop again later in the afternoon.


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