Epic Training - Epic Together (2024)

Wave 6 Go-Live - September 28, 2024

Login to Epic Training/Symplr Learning using the link below, or scroll down for more information.

Register/Login - Click Here

How to Complete Registration in Epic Training

Epic Training is powered by Symplr Learning (formerly NetLearning)

Note: Epic Training (powered by Symplr Learning) was formerly called NetLearning. Some material listed here and elsewhere may reference “NetLearning” but the directions and steps are still applicable.

In order to gain access to the live Epic environment all staff must attend the Epic Training Class/Classes appropriate for their role. Prior to class you will need to watch pre-requisite eLearnings. This tip sheet will walk you through the steps of how to successfully register for your classes, and watch the eLearning curriculum assigned to you in Epic Training.

You can download and print the tip sheet outlining the Epic Training and Epic Registration processes here:

Logging In

Epic Training - Epic Together (3)

1. Navigate to https://lms.healthcaresource.com/mynetlearning/Login.aspx?MODE=LOGOUT&ID=1050

Current Epic Training Account users:
a. Use your existing USER ID and Password information. No log in information has been changed.

New Epic Training users:
For RWJBH Employees, use your Employee ID as both your Username and Password.

  1. For users with only a NET ID, use your NET ID as both your Username and Password.
  2. For Non-RWJBH Employees, your Username and Password is firstname.lastname
  3. Ex. My name is Andrew DeLuise. My Username and Password is: andrew.deluise

**If your information is not working or you do not know your login information, please contact:

  1. For immediate help with Epic access, issues/build-fix requests call the Enterprise Service Desk:
    Providers: 1-855-453-1948
    Clinical Care Teams and Ambulatory Staff: 1-855-453-1950
    Speak to the Training representative participating in Registration Sessions at your practice

2. Click LOGIN

VIDEO: User Registration Walkthrough

Join Credentialed Trainer Rob Laqui for a step-by-step guide on the NetLearning registration process.

Note: This video references “NetLearning” and the old link that ended in “=60” but is now the following link to register and log into Epic Training

Wave 6: Download and view your course catalogs you will use during registration here: Wave 6 Training Catalogs

To Do List: WBT, VILT, EUPA, or Lab?

3. The To-Do List will show the class/classes (VILTs), eLearnings (WBTs), tests (EUPAs), etc. that the EHR Education team assigned. If you feel any assignment is incorrect or missing:

  • VILT* = Virtual Instructor Led Training. These courses contain either VILT or a numerical value (100, 101, 102, 200) at the end of the title.
  • EUPA = End User Proficiency Assessment. These assessments contain EUPA at the end of their title. These exams cannot be taken until you have completed the necessary prerequisites.
  • Lab = Log in Lab / User Settings Lab / etc. Log in Labs and User Settings Lab will not be on your To Do List. Only track specific Labs will be on a user’s To Do List.
  • WBT = Web Based Training. These eLearnings allow you to “Launch” their course at any time to complete.

*VILTs require classroom registration.

After registering for class you will see the class name appear at the top of your To Do List:

Epic Training - Epic Together (4)

Watch Assigned eLearnings/ WBTs

  1. Click Launch.
  2. An eLearning will take you to a video or WBT.
    1. This is what a video training will launch as. Simply click play. To take the assessment at the conclusion, click Take Test in the top right corner of the screen.

Epic Training - Epic Together (5)

    • For WBTs, a new window will appear that will walk you through the video. Note that these eLearnings are interactive. At the conclusion of each module there is a required assessment. When you click Exit Lesson at the conclusion, you have completed the lesson and assessment.
    • Repeat these same steps to complete all eLearnings/WBTs. Any completed training can be accessed via Completed List for review.
    • If you have optional WBTs on your catalogue, you may access them via Learning Opportunities. You can search by title, click the course title, and click Enroll. This will place them on your To Do List.

Updated: 6/3/2024

Epic Training - Epic Together (2024)


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